Welcome to FlashlightNOW

We are excited to offer you the benefits of the first marketplaces and business platforms ever created to help you get more from your work. The FlashlightNOW Online Marketplace with secure cloud business application, and the Protection On Demand (P.O.D.) mobile app. Both were created to delight your customers, eliminate your pain points, and grow your bottom line.

The FlashlightNOW Online Marketplace with secure cloud business software for all providers.

Like the popular websites that help people find and rent short term lodging, your FlashlightNOW online marketplace makes it easy for customers from around the world to find and do business directly with you.

Your free account equips you with a private and secure business platform enabling you to do all contracted, scheduled business with customers in one easy place.


An online marketplace created to help you succeed. Easily communicate with customers, send contracts, receive payments, and keep track of pending, current, and past events in your secure FlashlightNOW dashboard. 

We host providers of security, private investigation, and safety related training and consulting services. Set your own prices and see your own return. 

  • No upfront fees, paywalls, subscriptions, or committment

  • For all scheduled and contracted services

  • Accessible from any web browser

  • Message customers, create contracts, send invoices, and more

Protection On Demand

The Protection On Demand (P.O.D.) mobile app is an exclusive app for licensed security companies to perform on demand guarding and protection services.

The need for guarding and protective agent services is often sudden and unexpected. For the first time ever, you will be able to meet that need.

  • Easy, no cost adoption

  • Onboard your employees for on demand work

  • Go online anywhere, anytime

  • Automatic payment at the conclusion of service

Like popular ride sharing apps, our P.O.D. mobile app enables customers to use their mobile device to summon a physically present security guard or protective agent to their location. Not from us or an independent contractor, but directly from you and your qualified personnel. 


Activate and deactivate employees as you wish.


Fully automated workflow and payment processing.


Attract and retain employees with new offerings.

We are committed to your success.

Our founding team of security, law enforcement, military, technology, and business professionals want you to know that we are committed, and purpose driven to help you be more successful. Below are just a few of the solutions, outcomes, and features you enjoy when you create your free account.

Finally, we want you to know that we will never stop working to improve the marketplaces, platforms, and services we provide to you and your customers.

There are no upfront fees, paywalls, subscriptions, or in app purchases. So how does FlashlightNOW make money? Each provider and customer account comes with its own Stripe invoicing and payment platform. When a customer pays an invoice, the verified payment is transferred via Stripe to your bank account. As the money is delivered, a small, fixed percentage-based facilitation fee is automatically collected and sent to FlashlightNOW.

Additional user information will be sent to you when you create your free provider account. For more information, please send us an email at hello@flashlightnow.com.