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FlashlightNOW has created new technologies and opportunities for you and your customers. Sign up and profit by participating in the industry's first online marketplace and a new on-demand mobile service. Expand your business, grow revenue, and delight your customers with FlashlightNOW.

FlashlightNOW is not a broker or provider, but facilitator of the only online marketplace that gives your customers the power to quickly find, engage, hire, and pay you for your existing and entirely new on demand services.

Profit from delivering a new high margin "On Demand" service

Our secure cloud-based desktop and mobile applications enable you and your customers to connect with ease, speed, and efficiency. When you sign up, you can deliver an exclusive, high margin, on demand service to your customers. Using desktop, IOS, and Android mobile apps, consumers summon your business "on-demand" for personal escorts and guard services for commercial, retail, residential properties, places of worship, and special events.

And there's more!

Sign up and as needed, contract or subcontract with other providers in our network to take on new business and make more money. We work with digital media marketing experts to bring new customers to you. We do not sell or share your data, charge entry or finder fees, sell subscriptions, seek in-app purchases, or profit from affiliated marketing. FlashlightNOW earns money by charging a small percentage-based fee at the conclusion of each transaction.

Your provider account is totally free

We understand staffing shortages hurt your business and stand in the way of growth. FlashlightNOW will soon launch new integrated solutions to help you meet and maintain staffing levels so you can focus on growing revenue. All this and more at no charge when you create and use your provider account on FlashlightNOW.

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