Verified, licensed providers and Protection On Demand are available in Minneapolis, MN; Houston, TX; and other select cities. Verified, licensed providers and Protection On Demand are available in Minneapolis, MN; Houston, TX; and other select cities. Verified, licensed providers and Protection On Demand are available in Minneapolis, MN; Houston, TX; and other select cities. Verified, licensed providers and Protection On Demand are available in Minneapolis, MN; Houston, TX; and other select cities. Verified, licensed providers and Protection On Demand are available in Minneapolis, MN; Houston, TX; and other select cities.

The Advantages of FlashlightNOW

FlashlightNOW Marketplace

Protection On Demand

Traditional Methods

Save money, no prime contractor, paywalls or hidden fees.

Only local, verified licensed providers and experienced safety and security trainers and consultants. 

Protection On Demand security guarding and protective agents from local, verified licensed companies.

Never sell or share your personal information.

POD Mobile App, order guards to your personal or secondary location. 

Secure Stripe, PCI compliant invoice and payment processing.

Free and secure business dashboard.

Public Safety and Security training available to the public.

Quickly find qualified providers by service type, location, and more. 

Safe and secure messaging.

Easily request multiple quotes, sign, and track contracts.

Verified, licensed providers that you can trust.

Unlicensed and unqualified providers are a nationwide problem that leave all of us vulnerable. We verify the legitimacy and licensure of every provider on our marketplace so you don’t have to.

Security Services

  • Corporate Security
  • Commercial Security
  • Residential Security
  • Event Security
  • Concierge Security
  • Retail Security
  • Construction Site Security
  • School Security
  • Workplace Security
  • Drone Photography
  • Commercial Drones

Private Investigation Services

  • Asset and Financial Investigations
  • Criminal Case Support
  • Litigation Support
  • Background and Pre-employment Screenings
  • Domestic Concerns
  • Missing Persons
  • Civil Case Support
  • Nursing Home Negligence
  • Process Service
  • And more!

Training and Consulting Services

  • Workplace Safety and Security Training
  • Active Violence Prevention and Response
  • Crisis and Mental Health Response
  • Critical Incident Management Training
  • De-Escalation Training
  • Emergency Prepardness and Management Training
  • Security Threat and Risk Assesment
  • Event Security Planning
  • Personal Safety and Protection
  • And more!

Executive Protection Services

  • Executive Protection Services
  • VIP Security
  • Close Protection
  • Bodyguards for Executives
  • Corporate Security Services
  • Risk Mitigation Services
  • Secure Transportation Services
  • Threat Assessment and Management
  • Confidential Protection Services
  • C-Suite Security


  • Free access to the first online marketplace and Protection On Demand Mobile apps that make it easy to find, connect with, and do business, from end to end with verified licensed providers. 
  • A private and secure personal dashboard 
  • Software that makes it easy to create and manage quote requests, contracts, communications, and payments with your chosen providers. All in one place! 
  • Secure, integrated payment processing with Stripe, a payment industry leader serving millions of customers and business worldwide. 
  • The first of its kind Protection On Demand Mobile application. 

The safeguarding of your information is essential. When creating Flashlight, we chose technologies and tech partners that have earned the highest ratings for data protection and technical support. For example: 

  • We will never share or sell your information or data with third parties for profit. Please visit our data privacy policy (add link to privacy policy) 
  • Microsoft Azure to host and protect your information and our software from bad actors. 
  • Stripe, for global payment processing. Stripe has earned the highest, PCI level one security rating and is used by millions of companies and their customers around the world. 

No, we are not brokers and will never directly perform the services available on our platforms. Our mission is to help you and your chosen Provider save time, money, and cut the hassles. We believe that you save time, money, and get better service by buying direct from your local, legitimate provider. To do this, we created both the online marketplace and Protection On Demand to help you quickly find, connect, and work directly with licensed Providers and experts that will help keep you safe and sound.

To become a Provider in the marketplace, our Provider Verification Team confirms the Providers qualifications with the state licensing board. We verify that a provider is licensed, and in good standing with their state licensing board. We then perform routine audits to ensure each provider is legally compliant. Providers without an active license are not allowed to deliver services through the online marketplace or on Protection On Demand. Providers on Flashlight, whose licenses are discovered out of compliance, or do not meet the terms of service will be suspended or permanently removed.  

The Protection On Demand app is not a substitute for calling 911 and is not affiliated with local law enforcement, public safety, 911 Dispatch, or ambulance services. POD services are performed by the non-sworn employees of your local, licensed security or protective agent company. POD is simply, a new, convenient, and fast way to get professional security and protective agent services whenever and wherever you need them.

Your online marketplace and POD accounts are free. There are no paywalls, subscriptions, finders fees, in-app purchases, or other money collecting efforts to get in the way of your experience. We will never advertise on our sites and will never sell your data. Flashlight only makes money, after you and your provider have successfully completed business and payment has been made for the service. 

The Online Marketplace. This is where you can easily find, hire, and schedule all types of safety, investigative, and security related services. Flashlight automatically collects a small, fixed percentage-based fee whenever you pay a provider’s invoice from your private dashboard via your secure, integrated Stripe account.  

The Protection On Demand (POD) Mobile app enables you to, On Demand, summon immediate in person security guarding and safety escorts to your personal, or designated secondary location. When you and the protective agent end service, our native mobile application automatically collects a small, fixed percentage-based fee. 

Qualified providers are coming soon to your community on FlashlightNOW.

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Thank you, Team FlashlightNOW.

Report Suspected unlicensed and illegal Security Guarding, Protective Agent, and Private Investigative Activity.

Unqualified and unlicensed Security Guarding, Protective Agent Services, and Private Investigative activity is a significant problem in nearly every community. The service these bad actors provide is both illegal and dangerous.

If you suspect a one of these business is working illegally, please complete the form below and FlashlightNOW will at once notify the licensing board or proper authority in your area. You may remain anonymous 

Under Minn. Stat. 13.41 and 13.39 the information you submit as part of your complaint may be classified as public, private or confidential data based upon the outcome of the complaint investigation and any legal proceedings. Public data is available to members of the public at any time and for any reason. Private data is available to the subject of the data, to those authorized access by law, court order, your consent or to the extent needed to be used to investigate the complaint. Confidential data is not available to anyone that does not have the need to know it to investigate the complaint unless as otherwise required or authorized by law. As a general matter complaint data will be confidential only while the investigation into it and any related legal proceedings are pending.
I hereby authorize the Minnesota Board of Private Detective and Protective Agent Services ("Board") to provide a copy of my Statement (including my name), a summary of its contents, and any documentation I provide in support of my Statement, at the Board's discretion, to the Respondent listed above. I also hereby authorize the Board to release this information to a third party in the course of the Board's investigation of my complaint. I am willing to appear as a witness at a hearing if the Board determines there is cause to warrant disciplinary action against the Respondent.
I hereby decline to authorize the release of my Statement, a summary of its contents, my name, and any documentation I provide in my Statement to the Respondent. I understand that if I do not want the aforementioned released to the Respondent or if I do not want to be called as a witness at a disciplinary hearing against the Respondent the Board may dismiss the complaint