Summon immediate in-person licensed security guarding and protective agent services, ON DEMAND, using your favorite mobile device. 

The first, in person, On Demand Security Guarding and Protective Agent Services Mobile App

Safety and security with the touch of a button.

FlashlightNOW Protection On Demand is a free mobile application available for Android and iOS mobile devices that allows you to immediately summon guards and protective agents from highly rated, local security companies.

How It Works

FlashlightNOW Protection On Demand puts the power of immediate private and personal security in your hands 24/7.

For immediate protection, open the mobile app on your mobile device and:

If you need to notify the protective agent of any details before arriving, you can communicate – in real time – by chat or by phone.

With the FlashlightNOW Protection On Demand private security app, everyone has access to immediate protection whenever and wherever it’s needed.

Courtesy of Chase Security in Minneapolis, MN.

Personal Safety Escort:

  • Festivals
  • Concerts
  • Students and Teachers
  • Sporting Events
  • Fairs and Carnivals
  • Bars and Nightclubs
  • Real Estate Agent Safety
  • House Walkthroughs
  • House Checks
  • Nights out alone or with friends

Business Security:

  • Retail 
  • Construction Sites 
  • Convenience and Grocery Stores 
  • Bars, Restaurants, and Night Clubs 
  • Supplemental Security Staffing 
  • Commercial Property 
  • Businesses 
  • Workplace Security 
  • Storage Facilities 
  • Employee Terminations 
  • Commercial Eviction Standby’s 

Business Safety Escorts:

  • ATM Service Protection 
  • Bank Drop Escort. 
  • Personal Guarding 
  • Employee Safety Escorts 
  • Weddings 
  • Performers  
  • Shelter Residents and Safe Places 
  • Roadside Protection 
  • Commercial Building Walkthroughs 
  • Real estate Showings and Walkthroughs  

Residential Security:

  • Apartment Homes  
  • Townhomes 
  • Housing Developments 
  • Personal Property  
  • Home Building Sites 
  • Parties 
  • Neighborhood Events 
  • Neighborhood Security 
  • Residential Associations 
  • Eviction Standby’s 
  • Alarms and Open Doors 

Institutional Security:

  • Houses of Worship Security 
  • Primary and Secondary Schools  
  • Colleges and Universities 
  • Voting Site Security 
  • Government Agencies and Buildings 
  • Community Centers 
  • Youth and Senior Recreation Centers 
  • Wedding Security 
  • Libraries 
  • Alarms and Open Doors 

Download FlashlightNOW Protection On Demand to find professional security guard services near you, right now.

Now available for Apple iOS and Android mobile devices.

Report Suspected unlicensed and illegal Security Guarding, Protective Agent, and Private Investigative Activity.

Unqualified and unlicensed Security Guarding, Protective Agent Services, and Private Investigative activity is a significant problem in nearly every community. The service these bad actors provide is both illegal and dangerous.

If you suspect a one of these business is working illegally, please complete the form below and FlashlightNOW will at once notify the licensing board or proper authority in your area. You may remain anonymous 

Under Minn. Stat. 13.41 and 13.39 the information you submit as part of your complaint may be classified as public, private or confidential data based upon the outcome of the complaint investigation and any legal proceedings. Public data is available to members of the public at any time and for any reason. Private data is available to the subject of the data, to those authorized access by law, court order, your consent or to the extent needed to be used to investigate the complaint. Confidential data is not available to anyone that does not have the need to know it to investigate the complaint unless as otherwise required or authorized by law. As a general matter complaint data will be confidential only while the investigation into it and any related legal proceedings are pending.
I hereby authorize the Minnesota Board of Private Detective and Protective Agent Services ("Board") to provide a copy of my Statement (including my name), a summary of its contents, and any documentation I provide in support of my Statement, at the Board's discretion, to the Respondent listed above. I also hereby authorize the Board to release this information to a third party in the course of the Board's investigation of my complaint. I am willing to appear as a witness at a hearing if the Board determines there is cause to warrant disciplinary action against the Respondent.
I hereby decline to authorize the release of my Statement, a summary of its contents, my name, and any documentation I provide in my Statement to the Respondent. I understand that if I do not want the aforementioned released to the Respondent or if I do not want to be called as a witness at a disciplinary hearing against the Respondent the Board may dismiss the complaint